City Silence

About City Silence

What is City Silence?

City Silence was created in 2015 to celebrate the True Body Project’s 10th anniversary as a way to provide a no-cost, barrier-free introduction to silence, meditation and mindfulness practices. The True Body Project (TBP) is an award-winning, trauma-informed, social emotional curriculum that celebrates holistic wellness and body-based self-regulating tools. More than 2000 girls and women (and now men and boys) have experienced True Body programs in the U.S. and abroad.  Both the True Body Project and City Silence were created by mind-body educator and author, Stacy Sims.

Today, City Silence features community mindfulness gatherings, workplace partnerships, mind-body workshops and trainings, and Mindful Music Moments: an innovative program bringing both mindfulness and classical music and/or opera into schools and other organizations on a daily or regular basis over the morning announcements or other cultural "pauses."

Whether you participate in or host a City Silence gathering, bring Mindful Music Moments to your organization or school, or become a part of our deeper work as a True Body Project Teacher or via one of our skill-building workshops, we hope you will come to appreciate how the practice of connecting mind to body, connecting human to human, can deeply enhance your life and the health of our communities.

New to City Silence?

Silence and contemplative practices have been a part of every culture and every religion since the beginning of time. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate. We welcome you to practice whatever form of meditation or mindfulness is best for you.

If you need help entering the silence, you can read these tips, investigate our site for articles, research and other information, ask your City Silence host for ideas, and/or download guided meditations and journeys to download into your digital device.

Tips & Guidelines

i. Be comfortable! If that means sitting on a bench or lying on the grass, do it. If that means standing, do it. If that means quietly walking in a circle around the perimeter of your City Silence location, do it. 

ii. We will signal on the quarter hour with a bell or gong to let you know the passage of time.

iii. Respect the silence. Please enter and exit the City Silence space quietly. You may use your digital devices to listen to guided journeys but please wear earbuds and turn off the other notifications on your device.