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AWL Mindful Music Moments

Forest Hills Schools love Mindful Music

Napoleon Maddox, a Mindful Music artist, visits Roll Hill.

Mindful Music students at AWL

Why Silence Matters

City Silence contributor Lily Raphael is hitting the road soon for travel through Asia. She will bring pop up silence events to the places she visits and blog about it for City Silence!

Washington Park City Silence

We learned the city is a symphony in the morning. Jack hammers, water sprinklers, birds and laughter combined to create a soundtrack to inspire us to lengthen our connection to ourselves.

City Silence in Washington Park

True Body participant and actor Claire Autran uses meditation to calm anxiety and ground herself in life and for performance.

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Practice this breath-focused meditation with founder Stacy Sims.

A news feature on the pilot of City Silence's Mindful Music Moments, meditation and classical music, at the Academy of World Languages.

City Silence and True Body Founder Stacy Sims guides you through a grounding meditation. Tips at the beginning, meditation starts at 3:20.

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Copland Fanfare Character Strengths PDF
Mozart Eine Kleine Character Strengths PDF
READ FIRST (revised 11/10): Play list (song order) and script
About Mindful Music Flyer
Rimsky Bumblebee Character PDF
Puccini O Mio Character Strengths PDF
Arnalds Ommu Character Strengths PDF
Beethoven Allegro Character Strengths PDF
Debussy Nuages Character Strengths PDF
Donizetti Secret Tear Character PDF
Bach Brandenburg Concerto Character Strengths PDF
Respighi Trevi Fountain Character Strengths PDF
Harnetty Boy Character Strengths PDF
Glass Sarabande Character PDF
Glass Sarabande Mindful PDF
Glass Sarabande Brave PDF
Glass Sarabande Wilson PDF
Copland Tender Land Character PDF
Frahm Says Character PDF
Menotti Amahl Character PDF
Vivaldi Winter Character PDF
READ FIRST 2017 Jan-May Song Order and Script
Strauss Also Sprach Character PDF
Strauss Also Sprach Brave PDF
Strauss Also Sprach WILSON PDF
Thorvaldsdottir Dreaming Character PDF
Thorvaldsdottir Dreaming Brave PDF
Thorvaldsdottir Dreaming Wilson PDF
Puccini Nessum Character PDF
Puccini Nessum Brave PDF
Puccini Nessum Wilson PDF
Sanlikol Vecd Character PDF
Sanlikol Vecd Brave PDF
Sanlikol Vecd Wilson PDF
Melnyk Sunset Character PDF
Williams Trees Character PDF
Williams Superman Character PDF
Williams Superman Brave PDF
Maddox Spoken Brave PDF
Holland Halcyon Character PDF
Harnetty Boy Wilson PDF
Holland Halcyon Brave PDF
Holland Halcyon Wilson PDF
Puccini Armonia Character PDF
Puccini Armonia Wilson PDF
Puccini Armonia Brave PDF
Shaw Partita Character PDF
Shaw Partita Wilson PDF
Shaw Partita Brave PDF
Beethoven No. 5 Character
Beethoven No. 5 Brave
Beethoven No. 5 Wilson
Puccini One Fine Day Character
Puccini One Fine Day Brave
Puccini One Fine Day Wilson
Brahms No. 3 Character
Brahms No. 3 Brave
Brahms No. 3 Wilson
Gloaming Old Favourite Character
Gloaming Old Favourite Brave
Gloaming Old Favourite Wilson
Kang Sweetness Character
Kang Sweetness Brave
Kang Sweetness Wilson
Puccini Muzetta's Waltz Character
Puccini Muzetta's Waltz Brave
Puccini Muzetta's Waltz Wilson
RENT Larson Seasons Character
RENT Larson Seasons Brave
RENT Larson Seasons Wilson
Beethoven Ode to Joy Character
Beethoven Ode to Joy Brave
Beethoven Ode to Joy Wilson
Handel Hallelujah Character
Handel Hallelujah Brave
Handel Hallelujah Wilson
Mindful Music Moments Report Card 2016-17