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Mindful Music Moments

Imagine an entire school -- students, teachers and administrators -- taking time each morning to turn inward together, listen to a brief mindfulness prompt and world class music. That's Mindful Music Moments, now in 30 schools daily and climbing, touching 10,000+ students in a calming and focusing ritual.


City Silence piloted Mindful Music Moments in 2016 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Academy of World Languages

Every school morning, students, teachers and administrators listened to an excerpt of classical music over the morning announcements, practicing mindful listening to provided prompts. The first week featured Fanfare for the Common Man and the following introductory materials, prompts and Character Strength information. Each week, the students learned about composers including Mozart, Bach, Ellington and many more. Each day, they practiced mindfulness to start their day with a moment to calm their minds and prepare for learning.

It was a tremendous success.

We are now ready to share Mindful Music Moments with your school and/or social service organization.

Mindful Music Moments, in partnership with the Cincnnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, and the Contemporary Arts Center (new music), is serving 30 schools and organizations across 6 districts and two states and climbing.

Participants receive:

  • Staff/parent/volunteer mindfulness training and support.
  • Kick off on-site visits and implementation support. 
  • One full school year of daily content (one excerpt plays for a full week), playlists, and Mindful Music Moments prompts, recorded VO content and Music Only content (for student or adult leaders internally).
  • Access to information and support regarding our partner organizations youth programs.
  • Pre and post testing, designed with ease-of-implementation and your school's goals in mind.
  • Inclusion of Character Strengths information with classroom support materials and/or tailored value-content.
  • Parent information and support.

For more information on becoming a part of Mindful Music Moments, email or call Founder Stacy Sims at 513-470-5548.

Special thanks to ArtsWave for supporting Mindful Music Moments' development with a Project Grant!